Throwing too often

usually my days to throw were tuesdays and fridays, but then got changed to monday this all started on last friday, i threw 70 pitches friday, tnen 70 that monday, then before our tream went away i threw 35 that wednesday, then i was supposed to pitch that sunday so i threw a bullpen that friday and then i was called in to pitch the next day on saturday not to mention i was called in in the 4th inning to the bullpen but then i ended up coming in in the 8th so i was throwing for 4 innings.
now my arm is shot and i told my coach i cant throw for a week do you think that is too much or im just being a bitch

Coaches never want to hear that you can’t throw. Asking for a week off may be a bit much, although that is quite a workload you had there.

In a relief situation, make sure to throw based off the flow of the game. Once you get hot the first time, you shouldnt need more than 5-10 pitches next time you’re asked to get ready.

When throwing your bullpens, make sure you’re not going 100% every time. Still throw with good arm speed, but don’t go maxing out on every pitch. Not sure if you were or not.

Now you’re at a point where you have to do everything you can to recover quickly, so try and take precaution through running, shoulder exercises, nutrition and rest.

What did your coach say?

he gave me the time i needed and im back on a regular throwing schedule, he actually appologized to me for making me throw so much in so little time but was like "this isnt a get out of jail free card, it might happen again and you better be ready"
i feel as good to good as i guess im gonna get now