Throwing too much?

how much is throwing to much like on consecutive days and how many each day.
I pitched like 50 pitches then 40 the next day then 30,40, 40 again then 50 today. so 5 straight days(i like taking the ball everyday and pitch a lot at home)
i think some people might think this is alot but how come pitchers used to throw 200 pitches then 2 days later throw another 200 like in the early 1900’s

I’m guessing you’re a lot younger than those 200-pitch guys you’re referring to. Yes? Then it isn’t necessarily appropriate for you to match your pitching load to that of older, more developed pitchers.

And, while I’ve heard people talk about the tremendous pitching loads incurred by pitchers of the past, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the whole story. For example, did all pitchers back then throw that much? Or was it just a few “freaks of nature” that we hear about? Were there overuse injuries back then? Did they even know what overuse injuries were back then? Certainly the kids who went on to pitch at the higher levels didn’t play travel ball all year round year after year.

Too many questions and not enough answers for me to draw any conclusions about those 200-pitch outings.

when does your season start? or has it already?(im guessing no) but you dont want to get wore out before your season starts

Excellent point. Many players develop tendinitis early in the season for throwing too much, too soon.

What is your age? If you are under 18, then you should follow the pitch count recommendations by the ASMI.