Throwing the day before a start?

My son is starting tomorrow, but also has a private pitching lesson today. Anyone have any thoughts on throwing the day before a game? I’m sure the pitching coach will know how hard he can push it, but any advice on the topic? Should I postpone the lesson?

I would put it off. That is what is so hard about taking lessons during the season. You need to space it out to give enough rest before an outing and enough rest after an outing. Two days in a row is not a good idea.

Throwing in a pitching lesson is just about as stressful as pitching in a game and you wouldn’t do that. He will be much more rested and effective not pitching the day before.

I second what bballman said.

There are a number of things a pitching coach can work on besides
having your son throw. The mehanics in dry drills like proper balance,
landing, and arm slot are just a few. A good coach will recognize the liimitations of throwing a day before a start has a young arm.

I think a lot depends on the pitcher, particularly an older, more experienced one. Sometimes a pitcher will relieve one day, pitch an inning, and then start the next day with no adverse effects. I used to throw between starts, and I threw every day; the day before I was scheduled to start I would just play an easy game of catch for about fifteen or twenty minutes. I also would do a bullpen session maybe two days before my scheduled start, in which I would throw all my pitches to see how they were doing. My coach had told me once that this was the best way to keep the arm loose—keep throwing the ol’ baseball. 8)

I just instructed one of my pitchers a day before his start. I didn’t have him throw off a mound; we simply worked on a knee drill to ensure that his release point was good on all of his pitches. We also made sure his glove arm was in proper postion at release of the baseball.
In general it is not a great idea to throw a day before or a day after a start. A good throwing regimen during the season could be
Monday- Pitch
Tuesday - rest or light toss
Wednesday and Thursday - bullpens at 70%
Friday - rest or light toss
Saturday -Pitch
this is of course on a five day pitching rotation which is very unlikely in Little League and High School Baseball. Make sure that on rest days that he still continues to do light dumbell work, core work and elastic band work.

I wouldn’t throw before a game. You can get an overuse injury in your bicep or lateral ligament of the elbow (tennis elbow). It happened to me, I threw a bullpen and the next day I threw and I strained my bicep and got tennis elbow. Sucks cause then you can’t throw at all for 2-3 weeks so it’s not worth it.

If you are going to throw before a game like you have to get that urge out I would throw 50% effort or even less. Work on grips and finishes of your pitches really easy just to get prepared for the next day. If you have lessons then let your instructor know that and if he has any common baseball sense he wouldn’t have you do too much, if any with a ball.

Just my own personal experience - This week went as follows:

Tuesday 20 pitch fastball pen live to hitters
Wednesday 25 pitch pregame bullpen
Thursday 90 pitches 8 innings of work in my start

and on all 3 days i did a throwing progression as a warmup