Throwing submarine

I’m gonna try to throw in a couple submarine pitches…

What are some grips and how do you throw them?

Thank you

regular grips

How do you throw them… With the change up I noticed that I can still throw it with the same grip but it drops towards a lefty instead of straight down now.

I can post my grips later if you want but nothing assures they will work for you as they work for me.

Every pitcher has his/her own arm and wrist action and that means you must test what works best for you.
I recommend to start with your normal grips and then alter them and see what works. I discovered that by altering the basic slider grip I got a little better sideway movement, and by altering and grabbing a little bit deeper the normal 2-seam grip I got better drop for the sinker. Also discovered a splitter -change with a srew spin that I’m not able to throw very well with my normal delivery at all.

So I say go and try and see what works for you. Tell me if you want me to post pictures of the grips I use and I shall do it.

Please do…

Thank you

Okay, here we go:

4-Seam Fastball

2-Seam Fastball/Sinker

  • Apply pressure on index finger



  • Apply pressure on both fingers and throw like fastball


  • Apply pressure on middle finger and pronate as much as you can
  • Try also throwing by rolling the fingers over the top of the ball with you palm facing away from your body, like a reverse curveball

Those were the main ones.
You can try this one too if you want. It’s something between a 4-Seam and a 2-Seam Fastball. One of my teammater gets crazy movement on this but I don’t:

  • Throw like fastball

I hope you find these useful.

Yes, they do… Thank you…

So when you do throw these submarine you just throw them like a fastball?

every submarine pitch is throw the same way as if you are throwing overhand.

so for a curve you still supinate??

Yes and no. It all depends on what works for you.

I wrote under each picture how it should be thrown. The only one really thrown other than a regular fastball is the splitter-change, but I also wrote how to throw that one too. Just read it trough.

What I recommend is experimenting. Those grips are the basics. I wrote how I throw them, but it doesn’t guarantee it works for you too (besides the 4-seam, which should work for everyone). Maybe by changing finger pressure or supinating more/less some pitch starts working better for you. But the general idea is that everything besides the splitter-change is thrown like you’d be throwing a fastball.

When you’ve tested them you could post here what worked and how and what didn’t work, or what would you want a certain pitch to do and I can most likely figure out the solution.

Alright, Thanks

I went out and threw mainly sub yesterday…

And was working mainly on control with a 4seamer but threw like 10 curves… They work… Kinda looks like a rising curve for some reason?

The 2 seamer actually moved!!!
Ha ha I tried it how I usually throw and it still moved! so maybe I throw it like that with no pronation…

Circle change dropped also… and I expected my splitter to drop slanted but it still dropped 12-6

I was sitting there confused bout it…

Thanks antonio!