Throwing Slow But Still Considersed “Really Good”

I am a 12 year old pitcher and 4’10” and am considered really good. Everyone has told me I throw almost 60 mph or throw really fast. Today, I clocked myself from flat ground with a tired arm pitching and topped out at only 54. This discouraged me a lot as my friend who’s the same age but 5’7” topped out at 57 and claimed he was not giving it his all and that his arm was hurt. I have made another post about using my legs more as I need to. Assuming I get that down, is my height going to affect my velocity compared to others taller than me.


Look into tuffcuff, it’s on amazon or contact @Steven_Ellis . Also get rid of anything like bench press for shoulders, it’s not good for a pitcher and will change your natural arm slot, I made that mistake throwing the shotput over the winter and bench changed my arm slot and hurt my shoulder a little when I was still throughing on my own.

Is a light Becnh Press okay to work my chest a little?

I personally as a pitcher bench press mostly for functional strength so people have different views for pitchers and the bench press. I just recommend doing everything in a balance and making sure you just work your entire body. I also highly recommend tuffcuff and I think you should look into it.

Lots of times kids will say this stuff just to sound better I wouldn’t pay much attention to that. As a small pitcher you just have to make sure to have good mechanics, and another thing bench and curls put a lot of tension on your elbows so if you start to get injured that may be way.

It’s good to hear a young player like yourself talk about how he’s working hard to develop himself. As for lifting I would first ask your Dr if your physically mature enough to start working out with weights. If you aren’t you could really mess up your growth plates, which can cause you a lot of pain and rehab. I would recommend working out using Bands and body weight exercises. This will not only strengthen your muscles, it won’t mess with your growth plates in the process. Also after any working out make sure you are stretching so that you’re keeping the flexibility you need as a pitcher. As for your velocity, your velocity will go up as you get older, mature physically and gain strength. Don’t listen or try to compare yourself to anyone else. Be the best pitcher you can be. 53 and able to throw strikes at will is a lot better than 57 and not able to throw strikes. You’re only 12 years old, enjoy being a 12 year old, throw a FB you can locate at will and learn how to throw a CHange Up the most underrated pitch of all time. You control and command those two pitches you don’t need to worry about velocity. To top everything off, your velocity is God given my boy, either you’re going to throw hard or you aren’t. Again be the best YOU you can be. Good luck!!

Strength training is good for growth plates…with some restrictions.

Get on prehab protocol to stay healthy. Do full body movements like burpees and medicine ball jump squats and slams. That stuff is fine. General rule…if you are isolating a muscle (bicep curls), you are setting your self up for failure. 54 isn’t bad for a 12 yr old. I would say it’s about average. Don’t sweat it. Your body will change over time as will your mechanics. One day you will be throwing and you’ll notice you’re throwing harder. It just comes out of the blue. Have fun with the process because you can do very little to speed it up. Good luck.