Throwing routine + excersize

As I said, I’m out of shape so I plan on building from the ground up.
Currently I run about a mile (which will increase as my stamina increases) every day.

I dont have any equipment to work out with or money for a gym(yet) so I’m currently doing squats (no weights) about 200+ or so, then push ups about 3 reps of 30, and sit ups.

Also, and I know some may frown at this, I throw daily. every other day I throw about 60 pitches which vary from 80% strength to full, my bullpen like sessions are mainly focused on mechanics ( lengthening my stride, follow through, hip rotation etc) Then long toss every other day.

Honestly as far as the throwing is concerned I kind of take the japanese approach and I think limiting throws will just lead to me being sore as hell in the future.

Your thoughts?

Many pitching coaches—Ed Lopat, Johnny Sain, Leo Mazzone to name three—advocate throwing every day, and I agree with them. Lopat told me that throwing every day is the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible, and thus to avoid injury, so what I did was alternate between playing catch for about twenty minutes and doing a bullpen session during which I would work on a pitch or some aspect of mechanics. And if I had to relieve between starts, that counted as throwing every day. As a result, I never had a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else.
Lopat told me once that he would get to the ballpark early so he could go into the bullpen or take the mound and work on something—a new pitch, refining an existing one, sharpening up his already incredible control, whatever. And at times, during one of our “curbstone consultations”, we would head for an unused field and he would grab a catcher’s mitt, get behind the plate and catch for me so he could check out what I was doing; believe me, he wasn’t half bad as a catcher. 8)

Even without a dedicated weight room, you can get a pretty killer workout in doing body weight stuff and just plain getting creative with weights, etc.

The running is OK, but I’d run 1 mile every other day. On non-consecutive days, add some sprint work or hill work. I know that long distance running isn’t ideal for pitchers … BUT, if you’re trying to lose weight, it is. I’d just bump it back to every other day.

Other exercises: pushups, sit ups, planks, walking lunges fwd and bck, single leg squats, high jumps, side lunges, step ups, pull ups (if you have a high bar).

Of course, for your Jobes shoulder exercises, you could always just fill up an empty tennis can with sand. It’s about 3-4 lbs, which is perfect!

Good luck. You’d got the work ethic, now just get creative! :slight_smile:

I have two cats and they both weight 11 lbs so what I do is grab em’ by the belly and do curls. Each time I go to lift they meow so I just count the meows. I do 20 meows total then shake it out. haha I’m kiddin’

Why is it bad to run every day? Just curious.
I also added this clamp thing to my regular routine. And I don’t mean work-out routine. I just do it generally throughtout the day while im watching tv or something. By the way does anyone have the name of it? Here is a picture…