Throwing regimen inbetween starts

My son is a freshman in high school and they recently converted him to strictly pitching. He is currently starting one game a week. usually Tuesdays or Wednedays. What would you suggest his regimen be between starts? (ex 1 day rest then long toss for 1 day, then bullpen then long toss then bullpen? then rest 1 day before his next start?) Any input would be great.


My pitching coach of many moons ago told me to throw every day. He said that this was the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible and avoid soreness. I was a startiing pitcher who would often relieve between starts (remember Allie Reynolds? He used to do that), and so if I made a relief appearance that counted as throwing. The rest of the time I would alternate between just playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes and doing a full bullpen session during which time I would work on one pitch or another. In the bullpens I would start easy and then put more and more on my pitches; I would throw them all to see how they were working, and if one of them—more often than not it was my curve ball—was misbehaving I would put it aside for the day, and the next time I played catch I would substitute working on that pitch for just playing catch. What was amusing was that the other pitchers on our team started doing the same thing! :slight_smile: 8)

In my opinion there shouldn’t be a set “schedule” for his week. He should listen to his arm and act accordingly to how many pitches he threw in his last start. I would always take at least 1 day off after a start (more if necessary). Then during the week I would alternate between throwing days and rest days (Thurs- Light long toss, Fri- Rest, Sat- Max long toss, Sun- Rest, Mon- 15-25 pitch bullpen, Tues- Start). Remember, listen to your arm :wink: