Throwing progression I'm going to try

I was thinking about the things that I want to work on with my mechanics, and I believe I found a good way for me to warm up and progress into my mechanics gradually.

It’s not really complicated I don’ think.

I start out with my feet like I would be if I were pitching from the stretch.

1)take a small step and throw, focus on arm action-smooth, continuous, and getting it up before my foot lands(I find this thinking helps with the fluidity of my arm action)

2)gradually increase my step and my arm speed as I warm up.

3)work to a slide step stride, not extremely far, still working on my arm action

  1. keep making my stride longer and more aggressive until I’m striding full speed(still a slide step) while maintaining the same fluid arm action as before.

5)Once I see my arm action is going well with the slide step, go with a leg lift.

6)Once the leg lift looks good, go to the windup.

All throws would be from a mound.

This stuff is in addition to the usual stuff I do.

I thought I would post this to see what you all think and in case someone wanted something new to try.

Let’s have a video to review. Thanks.

Let’s have a video to review. Thanks.

Jim that sounds good. May I make a suggestion on your drill?

Try starting with your feet spread apart slightly and hand slightly apart at waist level.

Rock back and forth a couple of times to get the feeling of momentum and the hips moving toward home.

on the third rock back explode forward slide stepping and concentrate on your arm action.

This drill helped my son’s arm action a lot. Might be worth a try.

Jim, that sounds like something I used to do when either throwing a bullpen or warming up before a game. I would get on the mound, start warming up easy (I used a slide-step exclusively) and gradually pick up speed as I went. I threw sidearm exclusively—my natural delivery—and worked both without and with my crossfire, with all my pitches, focusing on location and mixing my pitches—high, low, inside, outside, working the corners, and staying away from the middle of the plate. I always had a catcher—a lot of the time my wise and wonderful pitching coach would get behind the plate with a mitt and catch for me, so he could see just what I was doing; otherwise it would be my regular catcher, and in either event he would make a comment about something I could do to make this pitch or that more effective. I wasn’t much on speed—82 was my top speed—but I could and did throw hard, whether I threw “full blast” or changed speeds.
When I threw a bullpen I never paid attention to pitch counts or anything like that. I would throw 50 or 60 pitches so I got them all in. So, Jim, go ahead and work with this—experiment with it and see what you can do. 8) :slight_smile:

I’m going to post in the mechanics thread. I’m only going to post my full go throws though.

My latest(the one before the ones I’m going to post today) video is from after doing that progression