Throwing Program

i am in a fall league right now and i pitch every wednesday and saturday, i was wondering how my throwing routine should be until the fall season is over. what days should i long toss and how often when im pitching twice a week for my team. I have been long tossing on thursdays and sundays the day after my games and then i run. The days before my games i do short bullpens and just work on mechanics. Ive heard you should long toss 4 days a week, how many days a week should i long toss when im pitching twice a week.

If you want a 6 week training program, I have one, I don’t know how much that’ll help. But, it should take into January assuming fall ball end and then you take a couple of weeks off to regroup around mid November.

sure whats the program, whats your opinion on how much i should throw during the fall season?

Sorry to lead you on, but I looked for it this morning and I couldn’t find it (it is well over 10 years old).

o thats alrite

we start our preseason throwing program for high school on november 7. this gives us 12 weeks before the start of official practice. we long toss on m,w,f and we do drill work on tuesdays and thursdays which ends with a short throwing period. after christmas break we will throw off the mound - 1 session 60ft fastballs/changeups and 1 session 45ft all pitches for the first couple of weeks.
this program has really worked for us - we’ve gotten great pitching over the last 3 years, lots of complete games, no arm injuries/major soreness.
thanks - steve