Throwing program, workout help?

Hey guys I need some help here. I have 4 months to get ready for a tryout I’m coming off a shoulder injury I sustained my freshmen year of college while I was playing college baseball. I transferred schools now and I’m trying out this summer. I’ve lost a bit off my fastball and haven’t been able to get what I lost back I need about 3-5 mph to make the team. I’m at 81 now any help would be helpful

Call the ASMI they can give you a pitcher’s workout program

Also, google the throwers 10 program - combination of band and low weight exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff.

Next - throw and throw some more. Get yourself an inexpensive radar gun and clock every throw you make.

When you get the velocity back let me know and I’ll send you my bill.

Good luck,


Well three questions come to mind:

What were you doing pre-injury?

What were you doing post injury?

What are you doing now?

The other questions that jump out are:

What type of injury was it?

What have you done for treatment?