Throwing Program for this age group


Hi. A 15-18U baseball team plays a season from April to August. Should the pitcher not throw at all for 3 months or should they take off 3 months from pitching but continue to throw like five days a week.

How would you handle this situation?


Too vague of a question to answer.
Taking three months certainly isn’t going to hurt their arms.


Being a baseball junkie and in that age group, it would be hard to go three months without throwing. I played the high school season and summer ball and I took about a month of the only throwing I did was easy BP. Couldn’t imagine three months.


I took 2-1/2 to 3 months off from throwing every year in high school…10 weeks every fall once summer baseball ended in mid-August. Would start throwing again regularly sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can work out, strength train, cross train, play a fall sport – but I shut down all throwing and generally recommend the same unless a kid really just didn’t get many/any innings during the spring and summer.


We followed the exact same schedule Stever recommends with our son. It worked out well for him. Thanksgiving was always are signal to start long tossing again. The problem these days is that the HS’s around here are now having fall practice in Sept and Oct. Hard to really shut down under those conditions.


I remember one year my son finishing summer baseball and saying he was going to take some time off throwing. Ok, thats cool. He was going to play football. I go to the second practice and there is practicing…quarterback.
So much for that…


So the boys are done in two weeks. I will have them stop throwing until December. What should they be doing during the three months off? Is it bad to do band work and jobes exercises?


Perfectly OK and recommended to do shoulder and band work. What I’m really talking about here for the 10 weeks is no throwing. Conditioning, strength training, pre-hab, flexibility, etc. are all great.


How many of the boys you work with are going to be around or be willing to do extra work when not playing?
This has always been an issue, at least where I am.
I started an offseason program once several years back. Bands, Jobes, plyocare work, weights, sprints/conditioning, med ball work, long toss, flat grounds ect. Free of charge. Three nights a week. Had access to the local high school field. Started with 6 guys or so…by he time week 4 came down to 1. Most kids are not very dedicated.