Throwing program after long break

My 14 year old Son took 6 months off from baseball and is ready to get back at it. I’m looking for advise on proper arm/body strengthening programs as well as a throwing program/progression to get him ready to pitch again. Thanks

My son uses these two programs (click on the blue links):

MLB Pitch Smart


We take the Stack program, which is throw-specific, and merge it with the MLB Pitch Smart program, which is more general and not throw-specific. We also adjust where we feel a need. Remember, all these pitching programs are just guidelines - not laws set in stone. We adjust for age, for how much time we have before the start of the season, etc.

For example, the MLB Pitch Smart program, in its “15-18 Year Old Sample Program,” has you throwing 4 days the first week, with 2 days being consecutive. We do 3 days the first week, with no days being consecutive. Just our gut feeling. Likewise, the Stack program has you throwing more throws and longer throws in the first week or so than we feel comfortable, so we scale those back a bit. Again, just a gut feeling from years of baseball.

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Thank you for sharing

I like to taper everyone up to their maximums over a 7-10 week period. Some kids get there faster than others, but 10 weeks is then end. If they hit a wall they can’t break through by week 10, you’ve found their outer limit of pitches. Throw two pens per week with the second pen being the one they extend their pitch count on. Don’t let them throw any more than 10 additional pitches, regardless of how they say they feel. This is a loose framework for progressions. ( The format is…pen1week1-pen2week1/1week2-2week2/…)
A taper something like this…10-20/15-25/15-35/20-40/25-45/30-50/35-55/35-65/40-70/40-80. When you get to the second pen on week 2, you will need to begin simulating the between inning rest of 3-5 minutes. This will help identify if you are beginning to over-do it because the pitcher will stiffen up if they are fatigued and you will have to adjust their pitch counts up at a slower rate until they build up their strength. You may also have to modify your pitch counts from these because every pitcher is different. Some will max out at 50-60 pitches and not be able to get beyond that. Also, don’t let someone throw 35-40 pitches without rest every 12-15 pitches. Don’t forget band work and warm down exercises that will keep blood flowing through the shoulder and elbow after the pen. This is critical to recovery time and getting them on track to throw their next pen.

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