Throwing pain


I went to a show case and I decided to pitch and outfield. The pitching went fine but when I went to throw from right to home I felt a tug in my inner forearm by my elbow. It has been 2 months now and it still hurts when I throw. Should I get tommy John surgery?


Before coming to conclusions have first visited a doctor? and if so what did he say


Go see a sports medicine orthopedist, and listen to him only.


I think sayinf tommy John is jumping the gun a little bit. While this IS NOT exact, here is a VERY rough picture of where the UCL s

From what I read, it sounds more like a bicep tendon injury, the ligament right here; (again a VERY rough and incomplete sketch)

I would reccomend seeing an orthepedist or physical therapist for a diagnosis if the former is not an option


Where I get my pain is in that region


as stated earlier by myself and others, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to see a doctor. Pain on the inside of the elbow is never good.