Throwing offspeed pitches

for every pitch, say a curve, can you still get the same movement with a 4-seam grip, but only setting the wrist and forearm angle? Or do you believe in the ‘shoot the gun’, ‘thumbs up,’ or ‘think 99% fastball, 1% curve’ idea of throwing a curveball?

You can definitely get good movement from just (pre)setting the wrist/forearm angle. Those other cues you mentioned sound like active supination into release point which, to me, is the hardest on the elbow.

Preset the hand/wrist/forearm angle and execute your delivery with good mechanics and timing to let your release point happen out front.

My wise and wonderful pitching coach once told me that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice changeup or offspeed pitch—it all has to do with the grip you use and how you position the ball in your hand. You still have to throw the darn thing with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as you would for the fast ball! :baseballpitcher:

That’s sometimes a tough teach. Kids in general want to slow down the arm. Once they get though, it can be, “Ohhhh, that’s what you meant coach”