Throwing off the Mound

So we have been getting almost non-stop rain the last week and a half and have had a lot of indoors and weight training and batting practice, so to keep pitching I’ve been pitching of the mound at my home.
Does anybody have tips for pitching of a mound?
Also does throwing a tennis ball inside instead of a ball outside because of rain hurt your pitching?

I would strongly advise against throwing a tennis ball. The lighter weight is potentially more stressful on the arm. It’s also just completely different – no seams, smaller size, etc Seriously, you’re better off doing nothing in my opinion if a tennis ball is your only option.

Can’t you just play catch in the rain into a net or with a throwing partner? I mean, soccer players play in the rain. Football players play in the rain. Lacrosse players play in the rain. Wear sleeves. Grab an old baseball and/or glove that you don’t mind getting wet, and get out there. No excuses. Come on, man.


Where are weatherproof baseballs you can use to practice in the rain. A sock, baseball, and some trainers tape and you can throw a real baseball at full speed indoors. Tie a knot in the toe section of the sock Drop the Base ball into the sock put your throwing hand into the sock and run two wraps of trainers tape around your wrist to secure the sock. Be careful you don’t leave too much room at the end of the sock or the baseball will beat you in the back when you follow through