Throwing/Nutrition/Exercise log

So, right now I haven’t found a throwing partner here around New Jersey (Monmouth County), so I’m just working out, mostly, and trying to get in better shape.

I’m 5’11, 20 years old (turning 21 next month), and 195 lbs. Working my way down to 180 by burning fat and gaining lean muscle.

Today I had two boiled eggs and a cup of oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. Also a cup of green tea with lemon, and about two glasses of water.

For lunch I had about half a cup of cooked couscous and a chicken breast, grilled, lean with just salt, pepper and a tiny bit of lemon. Also had some raw broccoli. Another cup of green tea with lemon and a pill of Optimum Nutrition L-Carnitine. About two hours ago I had a green apple and worked out doing pushups and crunches, as well as doing rotator cuff exercises with a 5 lbs dumbbell and using a light resistance band. Felt some good burn on my shoulders, and no pain at all. I jumped on a trampoline for about 20 minutes and felt my shins burning, and after I finished working out had a whey protein shake and a banana.

Tonight I’m planning on going for a bike ride of about 10~15 miles and then had a grilled steak, spinach and some quinoa.

Today it was a little bit rainy out here in NJ, so after work I decided to do some stretching and light arm/leg exercises. I used a light and medium resistance band to work my arms, and also did flutter kicks for about 15 minutes in 1 minute intervals.

I wasn’t feeling very good so I had a couple of ginger ales (I wasn’t planning on having them but they made me feel better).

Had an omelete for breakfast, as well as my daily multivitamin, and two cups of coffee with some Splenda.

Mid-morning I had an apple and a protein shake (whey).

For lunch I had lean ground beef and quinoa. I added some multi grain chips too.

As a snack in the afternoon I had a handful of nuts and a cup of tea.

Tonight I had a lean burger with reduced fat American cheese. Later on before bed I’ll have a protein shake (casein). A friend of mine gave me 5 lbs today, so might as well use it.

Last couple of days I have been horrible with my diet. My girlfriend found a great paying job and we went to celebrate to Applebee’s and had half price apps. Classic Boneless Wings and Mozzarella Sticks. Also her grandma (her family is Sicilian) made a pizza using the family recipe and had some of that too.

Yesterday I found a throwing partner and went to the field with him. He is in High School and told me that he wanted to practice even though it was rainy. I didn’t have a problem with that. We arrived to the field and it was cold and rainy, but we still managed to jog f or about 10 minutes before starting throwing. The field was starting to get muddy and our shoes got really wet.

We begin throwing at 30’, then 60’ and 90’. We didn’t go farther because we felt it would take too much time and we wanted to practice pitching/hitting. He put his catcher gear on and I got on top of the muddy mound. I began throwing 3 Fastballs, 2 Circle Changes, 2 Curveballs and 3 Sinkers. The Fastballs were pretty well located, one right down the middle, the other on the low inside corner and the last one on the outside corner, high. That might have been outside but it was very close. The Circle Changes didn’t bounce off the ground but were below the knees, as I wanted them to be. Curveballs were a bit late on the break and I threw them high, which on a game situation I’m sure would have winded up as souvenirs. Sinkers were moving a bit, not as much as I wanted them to move.

Then I threw 5 FB and 5 CH alternating 1FB-1CH-1FB and so on, and I got good results. Then went mixing Curves and Sinkers and got better, but still, not a whole lot of movement.

Regarding speed, I understand that my mechanics need to be improved and that arm strength is an issue as well, but the HS player said it was about 82-84 MPH fo the Fastball, which could definitely be improved.

We finished it up with some batting practice using a wood bat and then left when it was pouring rain.

Edited. :arrow:

Ran 2 miles today at a moderate pace, nothing like an Army Ranger kind of thing.

For breakfast I had something unusual for me, specially since I came to the U.S: Grilled Shrimp. Last night I made some for my GF and she only ate half because it was “too smoky” for her (I used the Charcoal Grill instead of the Gas one), so I had leftovers. I boiled two eggs, had about 8 Shrimps and had a huge “glass” of coffee. Some vitamins, etc.

It’s a beautiful day and I wish I could do more than just “jogging” two miles but I have some other things to do and can’t be outside for too long.

Tonight I’ll have some London Broil and veggies. I’ll probably do some of the exercises on the TuffCuff book, specially the stretching ones.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

I would stray away from the distance running and cycling, and tend towards heavy lifting if your goal is to increase/maintain lean mass. Diet will take care of the body fat, keep staying on track with that, limit the carbs, up the protein as high as you can and make sure all your fats are from healthy sources.

Start crushing heavy rows, weighted pull-ups and weighted push-ups. Make sure you’re getting plenty of scap and back work - face pulls, band pull a parts, etc.

Add in medicine ball work about 2 days per week at the beginning of your lifts. Overhead slams, rotational shot-put, rotational scoop toss, chest pass, etc. Choose a few exercises and do multiple sets for about 3-5 reps.

If you want to be strong and explosive, train for strength and power. Nobody ever turned into an animal doing distance jogs, pushups and crunches. Keep up the good work and stay hungry.