Throwing My Slider


I’ve been trying to get myself to throw my slider exactly like my fastball but whenever i deliver , I naturally twist my wrist to force the ball off of my index finger as a bad habit
Can anyone give me an idea or something that’ll remind me to stay fastball instead of pronating?


well we don’t want to get rid of the pronation, we just want it at the right time. when I throw my slider, I like to think about just throwing a fastball, but instead of throwing down the middle of the ball, I get my fingers on top of the outer third of the ball and pull down hard. all I do is slide my fingers over to aid in getting high and outside the ball while I throw. it’s simply an off centered fastball I would say haha. to avoid the early pronation you have, maybe having a stiffer wrist while throwing the ball will help you. it’s helped me get some sharper break as well.