Throwing mechanics: Tim Tebow coached by Tom House

Tim is back in the spotlight again. Found this interesting:

Before signing his deal, Tebow was working out with noted throwing coach Tom House, according to the Eagles.

I know House has been working with quarterbacks for years. Are football quarterback and baseball pitching biomechanics similar? Are there any studies that compare the two?

Throwing a football is much safer.
This sort of cracks me up. We will see. I doubt House could fix Tebows’ problems in a way that would allow him to complete in the NFL. But, who knows?

Throwing a football is very similar to throwing a baseball. Both have an “opposite & equal”, a stride with back to front weight shift, “hip & shoulder separation”, a “swivel & stabilize” of the non-throwing arm, etc.

The football is heavier so the body will keep it closer and not extend the throwing arm as much. And the stride will be shorter. QB’s often have to get rid of the ball quickly so overall timing will be different.

“Posture and balance” is also important as a late posture shift will often affect the quality of the spiral. House uses the spiral as an indicator accordingly.

As I understand things, Tebow used to throw off his front foot without much of a weight shift. Now he has a weight shift so he presumably can put a little more into his throws.

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Very true. I think growing up throwing a football and being a QB helped with my baseball. We used to play a form of burn out with a football. We would start on the 20 yard line and throw the ball as far as we could to another QB having to keep the ball between the hashes. Where he caught the ball or touched it, he would throw from that spot back in my direction and so forth. Each time one of us would have a particularly good or bad throw we would gain or lose ground toward the end zone. If you forced the other QB to catch/touch a ball in the end zone or if the ball landed in the end zone, you scored a TD. We would get a ton of maximum intent throws in. If the QB arm strength was evenly matched it could take a while, but usually someone would throw a bad spiral and lose yardage to the other. If you had bad technique, but a strong arm it sort of balanced out with someone who had better form but not the arm strength. Every once in a while everything would sync perfectly and we’d get 65-70 yards out of one. It felt amazing! Generally we threw the ball right around 60 yards, so field position would shift by 5-6 yards with each throw.

When spring came around, holding a baseball felt like my hand was empty.

House has said that it is impossible to throw a football incorrectly if it is a spiral.
The footballs weight explains why it is so much saver to throw than a baseball. It will be interesting to see. Accuracy is the other big thing Tebow needs. There was such a big gap in his arm strength and what he needed at the NFL level. If he can stick, even as a viable backup, this will be a major feather for House.

Everyone gets on Tebow’s mechanics, but he does throw a lot of spirals…so that means he throws properly and people should leave him alone?

I can throw a ball underhanded in a spiral and that’s not proper mechanics, I can throw it like a discus and spiral it…and that’s certainly wrong.

It just means that if you’re using “normal” throwing mechanics and the ball wobbles then there is a good chance you did something wrong mechanically (like you spun out and misdirected your energy instead of staying online with your target).


And of course pronating.
I’m sure House was talking just about some elements of the arm. Anyone can sit in a chair and throw a spiral.

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Just saying…a spiral means nothing. I can throw a strike with crappy mechanics.

I dont disagree with you. Ask House about it.