Throwing mechanics differ often

I’m 16 years old and I am a pitcher and infielder and some days I’m upper 80s from the infield and other days I can’t break 80. Likewise off the mound I can hit 85 and other days I top out at 78. I thought it was because I was doing to much or doing to little to condition it at first but after I expiremented it seemed to be neither. It seems like I change my throwing motions some days and I can’t keep my arm behind the ball no matter how hard I try. Other days it fires great and everything is fine. My dad says that my throwing motion looks funny sometimes when my velocity is down. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks

Do you feel a difference on the good days vs the off days?
I would bet your off days have to do with being tired, tight, sore or all the above. Could be your legs, your shoulder, or something else in the chain. If you’re upper 80’s, I am willing to be you feel a difference when it’s 75.
What do people see on your off days? Is your ellow lower, stride shorter, anything noticeable?

Yes, on my off days my throwing motion doesn’t feel fluent. When I’m feeling good, it just comes natural and the ball fires out of my hand but when I’m having an off day it feels like my throw happens in segments. I will video next time to see if my shoulder drops on my off days. My dad didn’t study it but he did tell me he noticed a difference in my off days on my throwing form.

Totally agree. I tend to see pitchers shorten their stride as they tire (the legs always go first!), and this impacts the rest of their delivery significantly. So important to build leg strength in the off-season, focus on proper recovery, and take care of your body between appearances.

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Consistent nutrition and conditioning allows your body to be the same every day and you don’t have huge performance peaks and valleys.

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My son went through this same thing last season at 13u. I could see when he warmed up based on where his elbow was if he was going to have a good day or a rough day. Elbow low = bad day.

If you feel like you’re throwing mechanics are segmented on the bad days, I bet it’s a leg strength issue. The chain gets broken and the upper body struggles to catch up. If the legs (and hips) don’t fully fire, the timing gets off, thus the feelings like the chain is broken into different parts that don’t flow.

Focus on leg conditioning now, and make sure you get fully stretched and warmed up during the latter parts of the season when it gets warm. The tighter you are, the longer it takes for your legs to get loose. It’s easy to forget that when the weather gets hot.

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