Throwing low?

other than releasing too late, what could be the cause of this? Usually the real bullets i throw are high and inside to a righty batter.

I think it is because when you try to get a little more on it you rush the motion and open up a fraction of a second early. Which then in return leaves the ball up in the zone. Don’t over throw or try to hard and cause the mechanics to change a little. Even if the change a fraction of a percent it affects the outcome.

He said throwing to low, one thing it could be is over-striding, i have this problem sometimes, if you step too far, you in turn release late, leaving it down.

well the first post is why it goes high the reason it goes low you prob try to make a perfect pitch or aim the ball?

I think either over-throwing or aiming.

[quote=“3and0”]other than releasing too late, what could be the cause of this? Usually the real bullets i throw are high and inside to a righty batter.[/quote]Do you practice hitting specific spots, from a mound, at game intensity? If you do and still have this problem, then post a video and we’ll try to see if there’s something mechanical we can help you with.

I faced some kid who threw all his pitches low he either had low to mid strikes or missed low. It was actually a little tricky to hit.

You realize that the ball should take a downward trajectory, so add to that a lower target; for example try to hit home plate, then the catchers toes, then his knees and shoulders. Try to feel what your body/arm is doing each time, with no batter of course. Then work downward and make adjustments accordingly. Sometimes a simple solution for a high pitch is to pinch the ball. Trying to adjust a release point one-half inch is a difficult task. I am always curious how one differentiates between aiming and a normal pitching motion. As young pitchers learn the mechanics of pitching at some point they have to try and let one fly so they can learn how to control it. So, overthrowing is not always a bad habit. Aiming needs to be demonstrated or re-defined.

For me aiming is a weird thing. I don’t really aim the ball. I got to a a point where before I hurt my neck and I was throwing on a good routine I could consistently locate my 2seam on the inside corner. I wouldn’t even think about it. I’d say OK 2seam inside corner and bam I’d go there almost every single time. Once your comfortable with location aiming isn’t really something you think about.

It sounds like your injury has you out of a routine that worked for you. To say you didn’t think about hitting the spot may not be the right words. If you have a way of talking to the ball don’t give the secret away. Are you related to Mark Fidrich; he pitched for Detroit and talked to the ball with success and loved to pitch.

Nah when I’m throwing it high and inside its because my shoulders i keep them closed to long and cant get them around enough to sqaure up, usually i throw those way harder though.
This weekend i pitched again, pitched well, and I kept the ball low but in the zone. No earned rusn and there were 5 runs when i pitched