Throwing lefty, but I'm R/R

Alright, I’m a little curious as to the possibility of throwing with either hand. I am unsure whether this is the proper place to post this question because I think that it is an unusual question.
Now I am not trying to actually be pitching with either hand, such as switching each inning or something. I do not intend to pitch on the mound with my left hand; that’s what my right hand is for. What I am hoping to figure out, is how to just throw with my left hand. I have thrown into a hitting net a bit, and the motion just feels so weird. If I am bringing it 25 miles an hour, I’d be pretty astounded (I bring it in the low-mid 70’s righty, I think).
The main reason I would like to learn to throw lefty is for BP purposes. I have a batting cage in my backyard, but I rarely use it because it is hard to throw like, 60+ throws to a hitter when I am on an off-day from pitching (I throw about three times a week, about a 50 pitch bullpen, plus catching my bro before I pitch). It is okay for me to throw BP a bit, of course, but 'I think that if I figured out how to throw with my left arm (not even hard, just controlled) it could be helpful.

Basically the kind of help I need is how to throw FROM THE BEGINNING. I mean like the first time I picked up a baseball as a kid and threw it. I have a poor recollection of how I had learned to throw in tee-ball and such that I do not think that I can teach my arm to throw well. I try to think back to the days of long-ago and come up with nothing. And I believe that my current pitching literature is two advanced for a “beginner.”

This may not be the right place to find the answers, but I figured I gotta start somewhere.

Oh, and one of the reasons that I think that I would be able to figure this out, provided I can find some answers, is because my left side is actually stronger than my right side in a few cases, although some of them are from being righthanded, I think…
My left quad is stronger than my right, which I believe to be attributed to constantly landed on it when pitching.
My left forearm is stronger then my right because it is my lead-hand when I hit.
My left pect is is twice as big as my right because I have this thing called Pectus excavatum(unsure on the spelling) which is when a person’s sternum goes inward. It’s probably about 2 inches lower than my left pect.
Although, my right side is also a bit stronger than my left in only two occasions…
my right bicep is bigger (and yes, I do know that biceps do nothing for baseball)
and the muscle that connects the shoulder to the neck (I do not know the name of it) is bigger on my right side.

ya… ive tried that before. I do not know how, but for some reason I can’t throw it the least bit consistent. It’s pretty hilarious watching myself. Without a batter, I can put it down the middle every time, but as soon as they get in the box… I’d rather not get too descriptive. And I got the big ‘ole L screen in front of me too. I don’t know why. That’s what my right-handed BP ball is like too. I think its a mental block or something. Now that I think about it, throwin lefty would probly not help at all because I’ would still have that block.
Wow, I feel a little foolish. One of those moments where you ask a question, then realize that it was a bit of a dumb idea anyways. I guess I just needed to write it out to realize it.
Thanks RHP…

If you never throw with a hand, of course it will feel weird. There is no magic fix, just throw with it a lot.

When i had surgery on my wrist my senior year in high school, all I did for a couple months straight was throw with my left hand and it started becoming more and more fluent until i eventually could throw regularly left handed.

The first couple weeks my left arm would get fatigued and sore easily, but after that it was pretty good. I was throwing around 50-55 mph but it was just for fun so it wasn’t a big deal.

double posted.

I’d also like to know, just in case I ever blow out my right arm and it cant be fixed I can still play baseball…

When you first started, you threw the ball. You did not worry about mechanics or hitting a target or anything, you just tried your darnedest to launch that little sucker.