Throwing Issues

Two weeks ago it started. I just can’t throw as hard anymore. I’ve been trying many things like my mechanic’s timing. Trying to throw harder and softer (in case its an issue where I’m trying to hard) and throwing on and off in the week. My team’s defense is the worst defense I’ve ever played with and I’ve lost 3 straight games. But three weeks ago I think I threw the fastest pitches (3 innings worth of em) I have ever thrown. Since then it’s all gone down the drain. Any help? Please.

How much have you been throwing lately?
I took August off, and started pitching again alot late last month. After 2 games I lost 5 miles per hour because my arm went dead. It felt like I was throwing changeups. Now its gone, basically it will go away in 2 weeks to a month assuming you have no pain.

No pain at all and I usually throw a lot during games due to our horrible defense. I throw a lot when I practice too. I took like a month off between baseball leagues (or seasons or whatever it’s called) but now I’m playing again and have pitched a lot.

Probably just a dead arm.
Half my schools pitching staff has one.