Throwing into nets

i hear people on hear throw into nets in their basement or garage in the winter. how do you set this up. where do you get the net?

Easton has a great easily broken down net…we got ours from…If you’ve got room you can do it

do you remember about how much you paid for it? is it one on a stand or just a net hanging from ceiling?

It stands on it’s own outside, but you can adapt it to inside easy…I think it was $99 here ya go I was being lazy…sorry… :oops:|0

Ours is an Easton but it looks more like the Juggs one on that page…I guess the squarecatch Easton is most like it though only ours is round…but with a bucket of balls you can throw for a while

thanks jd, i prolly should have been more specific before. since i cant throw this winter i was just looking for a cheap net to do some hitting into. like some tee work.

Well that one page had it all so soup to nuts so to speak :wink:

I got the Jugs Instant Screen, its durable, portable, reasonably priced, and can be thrown or hit into…worked for me.

used many different nets over a 10 yr period. if you’re throwing, the atec pitcher’s target is very good. the atec large catch net is the best traveling net set upwe’ve used have 2 of them.

Good to see you dropping by Dusty :smiley:

been busy. forgot how much fun it is to talk with an enlightened community. my guy had a good summer and got on arizona state’s radar. we’ll see how it goes. he played some fall ball with the norcal team and west coast baseball is TOUGH. they have some animals.

The camp I used to go to had that one. It was very durable and good for an indoor situation because it doens’t go back very far when you hit into it, so you won’t need 5 ft. until the wall.

I’m pretty sure that he ones with the hitter and catcher tear up pretty easily.