Throwing High

What mechanical flaws cause someone to throw high?

Elbow dropping. If it is happening early in a game a pitcher has mechanical problems, if it’s in the late stages he’s most likely tired and is an indication that tehy should come out.

Opening up the shoulders early often pulls the release point back resulting in high pitches.

this happened to me a few times… if the ball ever seems to … rise on you … its because you’re putting ur foot down before you throw… its hard to do idk how i ended up doing that

you’re supposed to have hit foot strike before you release the ball…so work on releasing later that way you are closer to home as well and the ball will be DOWN in the zone!

oh yeah haha my b… i meant that its b/c ur releasign the ball before ur leg hits the ground

This can happen when you don’t follow through.

Hey Magic : All the advice I’ve read is this 'high pitch’s ’ post are good advice, there’s no one answer to the problem-- follow through, opening up to soon etc are all true and could cause the problem. Check your stride length too. And remember the mental aspect of “think low on release”.
Hope my two cents worth help ya a little too. Bill :smiley:

Always thick throwing DOWN on the ball.

My son had this problem. This is what I taught him. He has thrown low strikes in the upper 90’s with this teaching

For one thing, there is a saying:

Low elbow, high balls. High elbow, low strikes.

Concentrate more about where the elbow is than just the throwing hand!

Throw from the elbow allowing the forearm to whip from a larger arc.

If the elbow is low you are are eccentually pushing forward and up. This is why for one reason that when the elbow is below the plane or falcrum point of the schoulder the ball will be delivered high.

Think throwing down on the ball will help. Measure your taget low!

Are you talking about landing or release with elbow up???

having to little of a stride. that’s what happened to me last game.

check out your front shoulder and what your pointing at with it. Leaning back with poor balance can lead to high or low pitches. Try to aim for concistency with it.

MOST of the advice I’ve read makes sense , but sometimes getting technical just doesn’t get it … don’t be afraid to focus on the desired result and work backwards from there . In other words , if you’re up , pick out a lower target … and let your body figure out the details .