Throwing High

I’m about to try out for my 3rd year of high school baseball, but I’ve developed a problem of throwing high all the time. I have a pretty high arm slot. I don’t know if it matters, but I’ve grown 3-4 inches since summer vacation started in early June last year. So if you could suggest tips on how to solve this problem, I’d greatly appreciate it

Post some video and you should get some good feedback.

Otherwise, a high arm slot means you have some postural tilt. Postural tilt has the effect of raising and pulling back the release point and these affect trajectory. It will take more work to keep the ball down in the zone. And if you’ve gone through a growth spurt, it may be a real challenge until your strength catches up with your frame.

Scrunching yourself down (bending knees and waist) can help lower your center of gravity making it easier to stabilize your posture. Might help.