Throwing High

Good morning,

After two great outings my son faced his former team last night. He seemed to be throwing hard and maybe too hard. It wasn’t his greatest performance. Could overthrowing cause the ball to sail high? I understand many factors probably play into that, but I’m just curious as to whether that could be the reason. His mechanics seemed fine.

Could be. Very often, when a pitcher is overthrowing, his release point tends to be late, and when that happens the pitch is likely to come in high. I’ve seen that happen often enough. I don’t know what the kid’s arm angle is—his arm slot—but often, when he’s throwing from a high arm slot (overhand or high 3/4), is when this problem is most likely to occur. Let him try dropping the arm slot a little, say to a regular 3/4, and see if this doesn’t correct the problem. And above all, he needs to relax a little. After all, he was facing his old team, and he knows them—so he knows how to pitch to them.
And if he has a changeup in his repertoire, let him use it a lot more than he has been doing. Remember what Babe Ruth, who knew a little about pitching, used to say: A good changeup will cause batters more grief than anything else. And if the kid doesn’t have a changeup, he should develop one. I recommend one of my favorites, the palm ball, which is easy to throw (you use a fastball motion) and very hard on the hitters. :slight_smile: otherwise, all in all he should be fine.

Thank you for responding. I think he was trying to throw too hard to his friends and kind of just forgot to pitch. At least that’s what he told me. He is going again tomorrow night so we’ll see. He taught himself a curve without me knowing from Yankees Kids on Deck and while practicing with his coach he threw it. Though the coach did say great pitch he told (yelled at) him not to throw it again until he’s older, as did I. So we started working on a circle change. That’s going o.k. I’ll see if the palmball is better for him. I appreciate the help I get from this website. You guys and gals are great. :smiley:

Could you send me a video that I can watch on my computer? Thanks.

When a pitcher is “muscling up” and trying to throw the ball very hard, it is not uncommon for the ball to ride up in the zone.

One point I would try to drive home is how he is going to have better success by hitting his spots with his fastball. Many times when pitchers try to muscle up on their fastballs, they only go up 1-3 mph, because they’re already normally throwing at a high effort level. He’s much better off on trying to hit his spots and take advantage of holes in hitter’s swings.


He pitched again last night and did a lot better. He kept the ball down and gave up only one walk and one hit. It was a great game with the pitchers giving up maybe six hits total. Simply amazing to see a pitchers duel at such a young age.