Throwing Help

Okay, so on the Fresh/Soph team I am a coach of, we have a few kids who are having some troubles throwing. One of them specifically throws in a way that he “shot puts” the ball. Do you guys have any drills or things that would help him out? Thanks.

One that I’ve seen used to help that problem is to have the Coach stand behind the pitcher/thrower with the ball far enough away that the pitcher/thrower has to reach back and out to take the ball from the Coach and then continue with his delivery/throw.

Once the pitcher/thrower gets used to reaching back it usually stops the short arming/shot put delivery they had prior to the exercise.

cmfields21, I have seen that before, it’s hard to put those kids anywhere but 2nd base, they really have to learn to lead the throw with their elbow and wrist, only thing that helps is repeating the correct action again and again. I have seen the technique Wales Diesel recommended but I have also seen kids still shot put the ball even then. I got an idea, turn them into knuckleballers, they already have the arm action. Good luck sorry I don’t have the fix.

What about just trying to get the player to practice using a complete arm circle, and getting him to reach out with every throw? That’s a difficult throwing flaw to correct, but in his situation he might really need to exaggerate a good throwing motion in practice.

That’s another food option as well.