Throwing hard, or fast?

What’s the difference between throwing hard, and throwing fast?

It’s a hard one to explain really, sometimes you’ll hear a guy say he throws a real “heavy” ball and you only understand once you’ve caught or hit against that person. It’s almost as if the ball is an extra few ounces or something, sometimes a guy will throw the same speed but you just feel it hit your glove harder or feel like the guys throwing a 10 lb weight at you :lol:

do the hard or heavy balls have less spin on them? that was always my assumption

When you hear someone talk about a pitcher having a “heavy” ball he’s usually referring to the sinker. Ted Williams once described Yankee pitcher Spud Chandler as having a very heavy ball—a devastating two-seamer that was almost impossible to hit. Chandler also had a killer slider, and he threw both of them sidearm, and most batters ended up striking out on those two pitches. If you have a good fast ball you might think about developing a sinker like that. :slight_smile:

Generally it is meant on a good sinker, but i’ve had guys throw a 4-seam that felt heavier then most 80-85mph fastball.