Throwing gas with lack of control

I had a game today and was throwing very hard, but my control was lacking. How can I make an in-game adjustment and calm myself down so I can throw more strikes?

same thing happens with me, i notice i’m throwing harder than ussually but missing by A LOT. Where are you missing the strike zone or just all over?

"The pitcher had electric stuff but couldn’t find the plate…"
Wow! How many times does this happen—a pitcher starts out throwing too hard, or he overthrows, and he loses it in the late innings. My advice: watch Justin Verlander. He starts out throwing—well, hard but not too hard, his fast ball at 90 or so, and as the game goes on he gets stronger and throws harder and come the eighth inning or so his fast ball’s at 97, 98—ev en 100, and he maintains it all the way to the end. That’s why he’s so tough to hit—he builds up his velocity throughout the game, You would do well to pace yourself the same way. Not only will you maintain your strength and velocity deep into the ballgame, but also your control. 8)