Throwing....By Myself

Well I have a problem…in the daily newsletter Steven said that pitchers throw just about everyday, well I don’t have anyone to throw with. My parents both hate baseball and I don’t have anyone to throw with.

What can I do?

I had the exact same problem. I would find a wall. A painted brick wall. Throw against that for hours. I used an old ball, because it was a bit hard on them. It also gets you work with grounders hahaha.

Yeah, I was able to do that when I lived in Philadelphia, but we live on the outskirts of Durham so there isn’t really a brick wall for a long ways here.

If you have sufficient funds I suggest a sock net and like 10-20 baseballs. Throwing at between 30 and 60 feet, depending on how much area you are working with. If you dont have the money to do that then you may be able to make your own.

i use a small, $30 soccer net that i got at dicks. all i do is throw a few dozen balls every other day. whcih i guess is the nice thing about pitching, you can learn how to do it by yourself, as opposed to batting or a sport that requires other people.

Can you find a friend to throw with? In high school, I got a buddy to throw with on days when my dad wasnt around. Any teammates?

Yeah, but he isn’t avablive most of the time, he plays for a travel ball team and is usually tired most days.
If you’re looking to spend money, that’s well worth the money. Or if you want something pretty cheap you can just get this.
If not, try to find a friend.

Austin, being a Central NC native myself, Durham is a good place for baseball, even though it has dropped off a little bit from years past. I’ll send you a PM with some ideas.