Throwing Arm Tattoo

Anyone have any experience or know of any precautions to take when getting a tattoo on your throwing arm? (If there are any special precautions with that arm in particular?)


I’ll give you $100 to get tattooed on your arm :smiley:

I’m interested in hearing the answers to this I was thinking about the same thing. The only things I know that could be bad would be tearing it when you throw (skin stretching). Then friction from rubbing on your clothes. If it gets messed up then your screwed because its permanent. At least thats what people have told me, please correct me if I am wrong.

Is that a serious deal Steven?

Where are you planning to get your tattoo at, on the shoulder?

Lol if you put advertisement on your body for only 100$ you aren’t the brightest

No, not advertising. I wanted to know where Down-Under was going to get his tatoo.

I would totally do that

I heard of a guy who use to work in a tatoo parlor, but he got fired after only one day on the job.

When asked why he got fired, he replied this way…

" Oh man … would you believe it … there’s only one “o” in MOM!"

Coach B.

Hahahaha! Coach, that was funny!

A Samoan tribal on my shoulder, bicep, and chest.

That sound pretty cool. I presume you are of Samoan descent?

You would presume correctly.