Throwing after RTC workout

Can you throw after doing the RTC Program? My team does the workout on Wed at the end of practice and Sat. We have a pitching coach that can work with the players after our practice, but I will not do this if the players shouldn’t throw following the RTC Program.

And, pray tell, what is the RTC workout? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sorry about that. It is the Rotator Cuff Program from the Tuff Cuff Jr. Book. My 11U team started doing the exercises after Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if they should throw or not after doing the light dumbell exercises. I end our practice with that. We now have an opportunity to work with a pitching coach after our practice.

If the light dumbbells are enough to fatigue the players’ shoulders to the point where they say their arm feels weaker (not weak), then they should not throw after doing these.

I fit rotator cuff work the day before and the day after a performance and try to get it in either the day before or the day after the weekly bullpen session. At most 3 times per week.