Throwing across the body

Hi, havn’t been on these boards in a whillllle. Hadn’t pitched in a while either. Just started throwing a ball today since the season is in a couple months. But, I was wondering. What exactly is throwing across the body? I’ve been putting tension on it somehow when I pitched today, and I didn’t used to do this. In the warmer weather I threw around 75 mph, but now I’m not throwing any where near that. So what is throwing across the body?

On a righty split your body down the middle, now visualize that you are in your motion and your front foot lands in a position where you are more pointing at the right hand batters box, well you have to throw the ball back against or across your body to get it to cross the plate. Some folks pitch this way. For me it isn’t optimum, I like to open all the way to where you face the plate more squared. As to throwing slower in cold weather, yep. Also you are just picking up. You won’t be at top speed for a while, build to it so you aren’t fatigued or as subject to injuring yourself.

thanks for the detailed response. After reading the description, I don’t throw across my body. I’m trying to build up my velocity to top speed to make varsity this year. It’s the first year I’m eligible to play on the varsity team, I’d been Co-Captain of the JV team before. So I’m tryin’ to go out there and throw well for the tryouts.

an example would be Andrew Miller