Throwing across body?

hear alot about doing this in this forum but dont really know what you mean. when i finish my arm goes across body to the glove side and shakes out, but i see alot of pitchers do the same. is this what your talking about or is it somthing different?

throwing across your body is when your plant foot land toward the thirdbase line (righty) causing shoulder problems. Andrew Miller is a prime example.

Not only does it lead to arm issues, it can lead to leg issues. Mostly knee issues, bcuz when your leg lands pointing one way, and your body twists it around, you can do some painful damage.

so you want your plant foot to land directly or close to the plate. does it matter if your plant foot is angled or does it have to be straight?

you want to stride in a straight line is doesn’t matter if your foot is open or closed.

Yeah it matters if your foot is opened or closed, especially at a severity level. If your too closed, your throwing against your front side, and you’ll have a very difficult time getting your hips through and finishing your shoulder rotation. If you land quite a bit open, you probably opened your hips very early, well before foot plant and will hinder your velocity.

so this would be an example of good?

and this a little closed?

Aside from the huge postural issue, probably caused by a timing issue. Liriano that is.

I would be more apt to say throwing across your body is when someone steps a little closed and has postural issues. Not stepping closed in and of itself.

yes sirry.

By ‘itself’ you mean the foot? And as they explained, do you think it matters where the foot lands either closed or in itself?