Throwing across body

is this a problem when the front foot lands alittle more to the right (for a righty) than it should? will this limit how much the hips open up? hurt the arm more?

Yeah, if it’s a lot, it messes with a lot of things. Landing closed will cause you to throw across the body, which I think can limit your use of the lower body? It also throws your shoulder alignment with the target off.

Moving it very little isn’t a problem at all. In fact, in Leo Mazzone’s book Pitch Like a Pro, it explains that Maddux points his toes towards his target on every pitch (right for inside, left for outside). It’s not noticeable to the naked eye, and it attributes to his crazy accuracy.

At the same time, if the direction of your foot is not your target, then you’re typically throwing across the body. In that case, it’s more bad [size=7](more bad?)[/size]…just not as safe I guess.

my toes point straight ahead thats not my problem, my problem is my front foot lands to far the the right so my front foot and back foot arent in a straight line.