Throwing across body/ striding closed

How do you know when you throw across your body? If you land closed but your foot is still pointed towards the middle of the plate are you throwing across your body? I start off my delivery on the first base side of the mound and my landing spot my foot is perpendicular to the middle of the plate. Is throwing across your body bad for your arm or does it take stress off of your arm?

it is bad because it puts more stress on your elbow and arm because you have to put more “whip” on the ball.

It is impossible for someone to confirm that you are throwing across your body just by knowing where your foot is landing. If you are landing in the position that you say you are landing and your momentum is moving towards the target, then where your foot is landing is allowing you to use your hips completely. This is good. Now, if you are swinging your lift leg and your arm around during your delivery and landing in this position, then you are throwing across your body. This is bad. It has to do more with the direction of your momentum and not so much where your foot is landing. Read my article “Salsa and the Latin Pitcher” to get more detail on this coaching point. It also has a video of Felix Hernandez landing with his feet in a similar position as how you described yours.