Throwing a splitter

i’ve been trying to throw a splitter for 2 years now and cant get it to work. My friends dad pitched up to AAA and his splitter was his best pitch. He was the pitching coach on my travel team 2 years ago and during a practice he suggested that i work on a splitter. He had me throw a simplified version for a year until i started shaving, which he said was easier on the elbow, and it worked pretty well. Then last summer he taught me how to throw a real splitter and it was nasty. I pitched a complete game 3 hitter against one of the best teams in the state with it since they just couldn’t touch it. But this year it just won’t work. I’ve been trying to get it back all year. I haven’t been able to throw it all high school season and it used to be my out pitch so i’ve really struggled. Plus the coach i was working with on it moved out of state and now i can’t work with him on it. Any ideas how i can get more movement on it. At this point I’ll take anything.

Stop shaving? Be like Bryan Wilson! :wink:

I can’t throw a splitter either so anything I say would be a lie. Have you tried contacting your old coach at all? Email? Phone? Letter?

I would do everything possible to get some time with that coach, weekend road trip whatever. If that isn’t possible, how about send your pitching coach some video of you…grip, pitch from the front, side, back…whatever you can show him. Maybe upload it to youtube and send him the link…I imagine a good pitching coach would be willing to continue to work with you to continue the process.

As you age and develop, your muscle groups tend to develop at
different rates and with different messages sent to your brain
on how they move and feel. You’re growing at different rates
of quantity and quality – legs, torso, arms, hands, etc. In fact,
it’s not all that unusual for other things, like hormones to kick
in, and really mix things up.

Also, there are things that are happening to you right now that
you’ll probably never notice, like alterations in your attitude and
temperament. Those two mental states can definitely impact your
interpretation of what you see, how you digest your everyday
experiences, and basically everything you observe. So give yourself
a little space to adjust and comprehend what’s what.

I’ve followed many a pitcher from high school to college, and year
after year they’re a different package, a totally different person,
and not necessarily because of the coaching experience. Growth and
maturity have so much to do with athletic success it’s not funny.

Coach B.