Throwing a Football

Is throwing a football good for the arm or bad for the arm?
I have seen people on here say its good and people have said it is bad.

I know MLB pitchers use it to strengthen and warm up their rotator cuff

I personally am for the idea of throwing a football. I think it’s good for the arm, ofcourse as long as you get loose and prepare yourself. I’m sure there are some conservative people on here that are against it, but there are way more injuries to pitchers throwing a baseball, than there are qb’s throwing the football. Sure, it can happen, but I could also fall down the stairs tonight.

i read that trevor hoffman tosses the football around pregame to get loose. Most Saves of alltime y not?

Two names for you:
Nolan Ryan
Tom House

They were mavericks and innovators. They both advocated throwing the football. To throw a perfect spiral you have to use perfect mechanics.
I think Ryan got the idea from House.

I remember something about House basically losing his job for lifting weights, and Ryan having to lift in secret.

My son (8) and I throw the football. It’s a good reality check. A pitched baseball can look good even with ugly mechanics. With a football, you don’t have as much leeway.

However, I’d use a smaller football in-season, and then switch back to a Collegiate Football off-season (for you bigger guys).

Personally, I never threw anything with my right hand other than a baseball – not a football, not a snowball, not a whiffle ball, not a tennis ball, not a basketball … nothing! Didn’t even shake hands with my right hand, ESPECIALLY following a game when both teams lined up to shake hands.

My feeling is that you only got one pitching arm, and all of the above mentioned, as innocent as they may seem, can screw it up and end your career. And I never wanted to risk that. You pitch with a baseball. You get college scholarships with a baseball. You get drafted and signing bonuses with a baseball. Sooo, why throw anything else?

Not even an overhead two-handed soccer pass? :clap:

Crap :snowfight: :slight_smile:

My shoulder was sore today and I threw a football with my friend and my arm feels great and a lot stronger.