throwing a football

Whar are your thoughts about throwing a football around in the off season?

How many times a week? For how long?

I did it all fall, but it wasn’t part of a training plan. We just played football around the neighborhood in the fall. I never noticed any real changes the following spring. It never seemed to hurt my pitching. Nolan Ryan used to warm up with a football before pitching. He seemed to have good success. :smiley:

I think throwing a football can be useful but to me is only as a component to you off season the throwing program. If you are just throwing with a baseball and football alone I wouldn’t expect any gains in velocity. I have some of my guys using a 7oz softball as part if their throwing program.
I think maintaining good arm action with a softball is more beneficial than throwing a football which has obvious differences in arm action.
Again this is just a component of the program.

Dynamic warmup
Arm care protocol
Throwing program
Video analysis
Recovery protocol

I think all these things need to be part of your program in order to see results. There is information everywhere regarding each one of these sections.

Truth is that there is no 1 miracle you can do to gain velocity. There is no short cuts. There is however a lot of components when put together can really push you forward but all requires hard work and dedication. Also keep in mind what works for player (a) may not work for player (b). Everybody is different.

I hope this helps

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Not throwing to gain velocity. Just to throw to keep the arm active

Not sure exactly why but sons pitching coach & HS have kids throwing football, long tossing softballs & baseballs this time of year. In addition doing a lot of strength training (weights, drills, etc;). Pitching coach wants them off mound for three full months but lots of throwing among other things. Not sure where the football fits in, but they use it quite a bit.

It sounds like they are having them throw weighted implements (different weight than a standard baseball) but don’t have any real rhyme or reason to it.
I remember asking one of my sons travel ball coaches about throwing weighted baseballs and he bristled at the idea…"No, never ever."
When I asked what he could do throwing wise to increase arm strength he said throw a football. So, he considered the idea of throwing a 7 oz baseball disastrous but throwing a 12 oz football as no biggie. He clearly had not thought about what he was saying.
In reality most coaches probably don’t have an issue with throwing a football as they are used to seeing people throw them. The reason and research probably does not go deeper than that.
I have no opinion on throwing a football. The intent is not the same throwing a football as throwing a weighted baseball.

There is some discussion about throwing a football in this video:

Roger, Very good video. What is your opinion? If I understand House correctly the purpose of throwing a football has nothing to do with increasing arm strength but rather throwing the ball correctly.

It’s both. House mentions that he feels you can’t throw a football “wrong” and still make it spiral so it is about throwing correctly and it provides immediate feedback in that regard. But he also mentions the arm strength aspect since a football is heavier than a baseball.

In general, House mentions is that throwing a football is a good cross-specific drill - the key point being it is just one tool in the toolkit.

I like that response by House - especially the part … " just one tool in the toolkit". I think one of the most important parts in that toolkit, are the physical endowments of the pitcher, as a use-and-reinforcement experience for feedback. Hand size, upper body attributes are definite pluses here in addition to the right age, level of maturity for good training and the coaching that goes hand-in-hand.

As for my experiences using a football, not much. On the other hand, it makes sense that a spiral is pretty good indicator that a football is being thrown the right way- hence, I assume everything leading up to and releasing the football for flight should … I say should, be correct. I would also assume that the “feel” by the man throwing the football must “click” in the sense of…" Ah… got it", when all the timing, muscles, momentum and so on hits the right cord. But then again, these are assumptions on my part with respect to throwing a football.

As far as pitching a baseball ball that gains any benefit from throwing a football…I say if it works, it works.