Throwing a cutter

How old should a pitcher be to learn to throw a cutter and a curve thanks

16 or 17.

Chris is right, 16 or 17.

I agree with Chris. Some say that a curve thrown properly doesn’t put any more strain on your arm, but your not going to just throw it properly as soon as you start throwing it. I think kids should wait until they reach an age that thier growth plates have closed or are close to it and their arms are more developed. A good pitcher should do just fine through high school with just a fastball and changeup anyways.

I agree 16/17 for a curve, but later for a cutter/slider. I’ve heard from an ex pro pitching coach that sliders and cutters shouldn’t be thrown until college because it’s an uncessary risk to your growth plates.

Uh oh…I hope cutter do not mess your arm up that bad. My pitching coach has had me throwing one sense I was 13. How exactly does it put more stress on your arm? Your just pushing your finger down and in. (if your a lefty) Can someone explain?

Im not sure on this…im sure Chris, Roger and Dm will definitely have more knowledge but i think when you throw the cutter and you put pressure on your finger you naturally break your wrist so to speak. Basically in between throw a slider and a fastball. Not too sure though.

I was watching a Cardinals game the other day and Al Hrobowski was explaining the cutter. He said that you grip it like your fastball, then just move it off center, then throw it like a fastball. He said that your only looking for a couple inches of movement. That doesn’t sound like It’d stress your arm, but I also know of people teaching to turn your wrist with it too though.

Either way, your not hurt yet so I wouldn’t worry about it, I’d just stop throwing it unless you are old unough.

Some people throw a cutter with a slight supination of the wrist and hand while others use an off-center grip. Either way, if you throw it like a fastball and don’t twist during the forward acceleration of the arm, then you should be ok so long as you also limit the number that you throw.

But if you find that the slight supination or the off-center grip makes you want to twist, then that’s where the danger is. Also, I’ve seen kids get taught to throw a cutter instead of a curve but after a while they become uncontent with the amount of break and they end up evolving the cutter into a curve on their own (possibly an improperly thrown curve).

As an aside…

One thing that got me into this whole injury prevention thing was when one of my 10 year-old pitchers complained of inner elbow pain a week after throwing just one (awesome) inning.

Turns out he was inadvertantly supinating his forearm through the release point (IOW throwing a slider), which caused his ball to dive over the plate but put more stress on his elbow than it could handle.

Couldnt have said it any better Roger and Chris.

Thanks for explaining my point guys. I wasn’t quite sure how to explain the stress involved with it.

Hello. I’m 14 year’s old, and just going into high school this fall I’ve been throwing a sidearm slider, and over the top curve for 2 years. Since then the only hurt on my arm has been when I try to throw hard before warming up. With my slider, my arm feels real good. On good days I can get it to break from the inside part or the plate, to about 6 - 10 inches into the left handed batters box. I can throw a knuckle, slider, curve, change-up, and a 2/4 seam fastball. And I haven’t pulled, or strained anything in my arm. I generally get the ball from mid 60’s to lower 70’s. I’m not a fast pitcher… I rely more on my junk and ball placement then anything else. I don’t know if throwing my junk is a good thing or bad thing?

Can anyone help me on this please?