Throwing a Change Up


Whats the best way for a 9 yr old to hold a baseball when throwing a change up?


Take fast ball grip, most likely 4 seam and add a third finger. Tuck the ball back deeper in the hand. Throw it like a fastball.


There are some pics at to give you a visual. I’d go with the three-finger change-up grip as opposed to a circle grip for a young pitcher with smaller hands.


And did you know that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice little changeup? It’s all in the grip. :slight_smile:


Yes, the key is to stick with it and refine whichever grip you pick. Circle Change, straight change, palmball, “Hoffman Change” it doesn’t matter, if you start throwing it when your 9, by the time your 17 your gonna have one hell of a reliable pitch.

As you throw it, you’ll also learn to refine it and tinker with it as I mentioned before. Like on my changeup, which I’ve been throwing for 3 years now, I have found that simply lifting the tips of the fingers on top of the ball off, and holding it in your hang with the middle part of your fingers KILLS velocity. Like I can literally stand 100 feet away from my throwing partner, wind up and throw it 100% fastball arm speed, and have it bounce because theres not enough on it to get there.

Little things like that you’ll just pick up, so the key is to pick a grip right now, whatever is easiest for you, and start throwing it. Alot. Catch, longtoss, wherever you throw fastballs, throw changes.


tell him
spread his fingers as wide as can across the ball
and throw it
instead of a circle change
tell him to lift his index up instead of making a circle


Kelvin—what you just described is the grip for either a forkball or a split-finger pitch, and I doubt whether a nine-year-old kid has a big enough hand for such a grip. Better he should go with the alternative you mentioned. Still another suggestion: he should try a palm ball, which not only is easier for a kid to handle but also puts no strain on the arm and shoulder. The one thing to remember is, don’t grip the ball as if you were trying to squeeze the juice out of it. Hold it back in the palm of your hand, leaving a bit of room of course, and throw it like a fast ball. That should do for a start.