Throwing 90 and playing college ball

Hey everyone,

New to posting in the forums but I’ve been reading some posts for a minute now which has intrigued me. My question is under my circumstances would it be to throw 90 and okay college ball? I played baseball my whole life and played until my junior year due to family circumstances. I was able to hit 77-81 when warmed up back then. And even after I could still throw 73-74 without warming up just for fun. I’ve never been much of a hitter, always been unto pitching. I’m about 5’ 10 and 170 lbs. I just barely turned 21 and getting back into baseball has been on my mind. I know anything is possible if you put your mind to it but is this a feasible goal due to my age and not playing for a bit? I’m down to put in the work to get there I just need some advice from people. Thanks everyone

Yes, certainly can achieve your goals. Really just a matter of how hard are you willing to work, how much time are you able to dedicate to it at the expense of other things? If you have a $ to hook up with a strength coach and pitching specialist, I’d recommend that. You’ll push yourself harder than if you do it alone and it will allow you to be more successful.

I did something very similar at 23 I had the itch to play again. I trained for the next year and I’m playing jc ball right now. If you can get with a strength and pitching coach. Really focus on developing athletism and leg strength. I would also recommend videoing yourself and putting it on mechanics analysis section