Throwin sidearm

I’ll give u guys the low down: going to be juinor,5’10 160lbs,throwing consistently 77-78 mphs, top out at 80 mphs, i throw 4-seam 2-seam change slow curve fast curve, but i throw sidearm and have a bit of an unorthodox delivery, i throw strikes and i am wild enough to be effective,I am very very conpetitive and i hav a good work ethic,

My question is do u think im in a good position and what will collage scouts think when the time comes, i got the academics part down pat so…

Most scouts don’t care about your delevery if you can strike out people and have a low era. As long as you pitch consistant and mix it up you have a decent chance. You need to learn different pitches. Those type of pitches are easily hit unless you throw them uniquely and with amazing break. I can effectively throw a Knuckle Curve. 4SFB, 2SFB, Sinker, and a Knuckle Ball. Mainly I just stick to the 2SFB 4SFB and Knuckle Curve,but sometimes I will mix it up if I am being hit alot. I can also throw a Slider. That should be a good pitch for you to throw. Since the slider needs to be thrown sidearm or a 2-9 position ‘like I throw mine’. You could really master it.