Throw with no throwing partner(Houston, TX)

This is a problem that I have faced in the past. Previously, I was hooked up with a “pitcher’s pocket,” which worked well for me. I would take a bucket of baseballs and throw to the net a couple of days a week, and I would hit the weight room 4 days a week. Then my coach bought some wighted balls and a program and for long toss he caught me out to 200 feet, even though he can’t throw anymore. I would take a bucket of balls out with me. Then official practice started and the whole team played some long toss, so I had a throwing partner 5 days a week, plus weights and all.

Now, I’ve moved out and I did not take my pitchers pocket or a bucket of baseballs. All I have is 2 baseballs, my cleats, my glove, and there is a brick wall near by. I’m headed to play college ball in a few months. If anyone lives in or near Houston, Katy, or Cypress TX, let me know if you are willing to throw with me and workout. I can travel on weekends or after work, except Thursdays. Or, if anyone else has been in this spot and knows of any drills… thanks.

Here is a drill that many players use when they have no one to throw with during the off season. Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Thanks Topgun,
I’ll use that sock technique, it seems very neat and practical. Thanks for the help.