Throw glove towards 3rd?

I was looking at some pictures of Clemens the other day, and I noticed he seems to throw his gloveside arm towards third, and I think it helps him stay closed. Is this true, and should I give it a go?

I wouldn’t say he throws his glove at 3B. Rather, he sweeps it around. I’d guess it’s not just really to stay closed but it’s just what’s comfortable for him.

Now, should you do it too? Not just because Clemens does it. If you’re having trouble staying closed, chances are there’s a specific reason with a specific fix. I’d say it’s a longshot that doing what Clemens does would be your fix.

I’d agree with Roger in that he doesn’t “throw it” at 3rd, it’s a sweep. He’s not the only one. Look at the video clips library and you’ll see many. It’s a timing thing and also a way to stay closed.

Yea, I might give it a try today when I throw my bullpen, just to see how it feels