Three Seam Cutter?

I’ve heard that Mariano Rivera throws a three seam cutter. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks!

I always thought that Bobby Mercer was one of the most under-rated ball players ever…a terroist with a bat and a third basemans 3rd baseman…but I could even guess what a 3 seam cutter is, never heard the term in relation to any pitch…sorry.

I’m not sure, I know that someone made a 3-seamer. You straddle a part of the laces so you can only see 3 seams. Someone has a picture of Mariano, I think it’s more like a 4-seam but barely offcenter just a tad. Remember he throws it in the low 90’s, with quite a bit of movement. I don’t think he does much to make it differ from a 4-seam.


Thanks for the nice words about Murcer, I should point out that he was an OFer (not 3Bman) but thanks again.

As for three seams, I believe the person might mean a three seam fastball. But looking at your avatar, Mo clearly has a four seam grip. So IDK.

he throws a 4 seam fastball that moves…its all in how he delivers it. i got the frozen ropes rivera dvd a while ago and he shows his grips, just a 4 seam fastball

He played primarily center field and right field, though he also appeared in left field and at third base and shortstop

Thats from Wikopedea…my memories was on his 2nd go round with the Yanks, though I will stand corrected, he was primarily an of…and your spelling is right also :wink: