Three Cardinal Rules of the Game

For those of you that keep a notebook or something similar, about the things that you’re learning here and elsewhere, take time to consider adding this bit of info:

There is a Cardinal Rule in baseball that silently governs players and their actions, and they are

Never show up your teammates
Never show up your opponents
Never show up the umpire(s)

Never show up your teammates
As obvious as this may seem, be very, very sensitive to how a teammate reacts to even the simplest jester or comment after he’s had a disappointing experience. And I don’t care how minor it may seem to you. What’s at stake here is your compatibility with these people and their ability and willingness to keep you alive out there.

If a guy takes something that you’ve said or done the wrong way – with and without your knowing it, you’re in for trouble. And by the way, this works in reverse to. I’m sure some where along the line someone has done something that you’ve taken exception to, only to be told later …”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Only in baseball, we don’t get all that warm and fuzzy with apologies. We DO however tank plays on purpose, trip over a gum wrapper and other stupid stuff just to get back at a guy who needs the play.

Never show up your opponents
Showing signs of exuberance, excitement and such is as natural as any emotion you have. Just be mindful of how that display is going to be interpreted by everyone else. A batter who gets called, or swings and makes a trip back to his dugout isn’t going to be in the best frame of mind much less sharing your moment in time. So, I would suggest turning away from a batter when you burn-em or put-em down with a count. That way there’s no eye contact, there’s no “personal” imprint on the interaction.

What’s the big deal here? You owe yourself a little party time – right? Of course you do. But just remember this … when parading like a peacock down someone else’s main street in full view of his teammates, coaches, sponsors, not to mention his family, girlfriend or wife, don’t think for a moment that he’s going to forget it. You wouldn’t. And if your luck is like everyone else’s, don’t be surprised next season if this guy is sitting next to you in the dugout. And if you have any questions on how that’ll play out – simply refer to the above = Never show up you teammates.

Never show up the umpire(s)
There’s a mindset with ALL umpires that goes like this :::: I’LL KEEP MY HEAD OUT OF YOUR DUGOUT AND YOU KEEP YOU HEAD OUT OF MY CALLS.

This is universal stuff with all umps. From the Cape to California and in every part of the world that I’ve been in. I was in Osaka, Japan and one of our smart-mouths made an off-handed comment about a play at first base … well the rest of the game went terrible for us on that bag all night.

Bottom line here is, umpires are human – they bring to the game a certain amount of emotional baggage from wherever they came from and you don’t want to mess with that. Besides, umpires ARE the official representatives of baseball and deserve all the respect and deliberate protocols that the game itself deserves.

Coach B.

Good post Coach.

Agreed on all points, especially about never showing up umpires. First off, this is the coaches job to protect his players. Secondly, a team needs to keep focus on the goal, winning the ballgame. Not tossing blame towards the umpires and causing distractions. Let the coaches do their job.

Great post, this should be in the golden threads.

Also don’t forget “don’t make the first or third out at third” haha.

On a more serious note Coach B, every single post you make has a wealth of knowledge, humor, and has an aura of experience around them.

You should really write a book.

Kim is exactly right. Coach B, great post. Kim you should PM Steven or JD or another admin and request a HoF entry.

Already did

I agree on all three. When I was a catcher I did everything I could to get on the umps good side, I even let an ump throw down to second once during the pitchers warm ups.

i think that a fourth cardinal rule is in line here.

[b]>always sprint to your position.

its almost second nature to me, and when i watch some of my fellow teammates loligag to their positions, it disgusts me. honestly the only time you should walk to your position is when your hurt, and if you cant run out to your position your hurting your team more than your helping them, so please, take a seat on the bench.[/b]

One time during a major league game (funny how so often these things happen in the National League!) one batter called time, stepped out of the box, and looked at the plate umpire and said to him: "What would you do if I called you a meathead, sourpussed old crab?"
Umpire: "I’d run you out of the game."
Batter: "And if I thought you were all that but didn’t say anything?"
Umpire: "I couldn’t do anything."
The batter stood there for two minutes and stared at the umpire. Then he said, “All right, we can now resume play.” And he stepped back into the batter’s box.
Good thing umpires—most of them, anyway—are not mindreaders. :slight_smile:

I get pumped up after a strikeout. In fact, after I earned my 1st save ever, (I whiffed the guy) I threw my glove up into the air and hugged the catcher. Is it ok if I celebrate?

Your first save? By all means, go ahead. You’ve earned it.

No. Sorry but that’s a little much. Maybe a little fist pump, no jumping up and down, no throwing your glove, nothing like that. It’s a save, not the world series. Look at how people deal with joba chamberlain, people think he’s a showboat, and he wants all the attention. And with all the sh#t he does, he just wants to try and make every single play some dramatic amazing play when it’s as simple as a strikeout. Now people(and lots of them) don’t like him for this and I would imagine you’d want to be a liked. As well, if you’re still batting I wouldn’t suggest that. Someone might take exception and buzz the tower. Or if they’re like me, they’ll put one in your rib cage.

Good point. But I’m just 12, I didn’t know better.

lol thats a bit much throwing glove in the air? next time you play the guy, hes going to remember you… hopeful hes not pitching on the day or the pitch might jus slipped…

Well I struck out a benchwarmer soo… But yes, maybe it was a bit much, I got game ball for the game, so I was happy.