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One thing that jumps out to me is that you are not using your height to your advantage. You stay low throughout the delivery (low leg lift and a hunched over top half). Two disadvantages to that are lower, flatter, pitch trajectory and it’s difficult to get your upper half on top of your lower half which creates a balance and posture issue as well as loss of potential velocity. If I could choose between quickness to the plate and velocity, I’d take the velocity in almost every case.

Not sure what the base runner situation or the score was there, but on average, your leg lift should be a bit higher, and your back leg and back should be straighter / more upright during the lift. Most runners are not stolen base threats, so you could get away with a higher lift that will help generate more momentum and speed down the hill into foot strike.

Another thing that you may benefit from work on is getting your body moving directly toward the plate. Your upper body seems to be shifted to the first base side of your landing foot. If you notice, your landing leg ankle is to the inside of your knee and your shin is not vertical. Momentum that goes away from the target line is wasted momentum and lost velocity. I’d also be careful of opening up any more with the plant foot to avoid early hip rotation.

Getting your posture more upright at the start will help that 1B side posture shift. By starting hunched, you are forcing your body to incorporate movement to the first base side to get erect and that momentum direction continues throughout the delivery, quite possibly causing that posture issue and the inability to get your knee over your ankle.


Coach Paul gave you some great pointers.

Springfield College’s Skipper - Coach Mark Simeone was a pitcher himself, and a good one at that. In fact his bio is pretty impressive. I have a lot of respect for Coach Simeone and his ability to work through the entire pitching experience - he’s specific, detailed and a professionally minded.

I would suggest working closely with Coach Simeone and asking him for his “progressive mound presence” coaching. I’ve grazed the Springfield Campus on a regular basis at one time and found this coach to be as much an asset to his club as he was to me at one time with a project I was working with. By the way, here in Massachusetts there is an outstanding program called the Bay State Games and Springfield College has been used for tryouts and other resources that serves that program. Great campus and the college is very fortunate to have Coach Simeone.

If you happened to see the coach, please give him my regards. It’s been years since I’ve seen the program.

(retired) Coach John Baker
Springfield, MA