Thoughts on the "inverted L"

What are thoughts on the “inverted L” in the pitching delivery?? Some say it is bad on the elbow, and some say it helps with velocity. BUT if both are accurate statements I’m not sure that it’s worth having that arm action to gain velo while risking potential injury. Again I don’t know if there’s data or prof that the inverted L is a main cause for Tommy John but I’d like others honest thoughts on this.

I just look at arm action. I don’t get caught up in “positions” or cue anything to that.
I prefer shorter arm actions but there are plenty of good pitchers with longer arm action.
I don’t have any more thoughts or concern about the L than any other “position” in a persons delivery. IMHO the main cause of TJ is people throwing with high effort over and over and over again. Actual causes will vary from person to person. In other words, the best one can do is try to prepare in a way that protects a pitcher.
Looking at “positions” doesn’t do this in my opinion. Its more about trying to create a delivery that is efficient in creating force in the throw (increase velocity) and also allows for a good and safe deceleration portion of the throw.


I think, for most mere mortals, TJ has to do with repeated high effort combined with a timing problem. Of course, if we are talking the fastest of the fast MLB, I’m sure the shear velocity of those throws would eventually lead to a physical problem/failure of some kind and doesn’t necessarily need a timing issue to bring on an injury.

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