Thoughts on mechanics

Thoughts on how to increase his velocity? Currently throwing 78-80

How old is he?
Is he working with anyone?
What is his current routine and profile (Pitches some, a bunch too much…at X level).

He is 17 - 5’ 11" 180 lbs
Not currently working with anyone
Currently plays HS and American Legion.

The mechs don’t look “bad” per say…tennis shoes aren’t how he gets even to 80…so from this aspect we really aren’t seeing his “true” mech.
Slidey mound doesn’t help either because I almost feel him trying to gain traction.

Is he in an area where there is reputable coaching available?

This past winter he was on his own. He was working with a coach who became one of his HS school coaches and decided to no longer work individually with players from the program to avoid any potential political issues.

I dont know of any other reputable coaches locally (East suburbs of Pgh PA)

This is the direction I’d take, get him under some eye’s, get a plan laid out and follow it.

Roger here onthe site is an NPA guy and he can see if Pa. has any registered/trained NPA guys around. Also check with some reputable colleges and see if they have any clinics/seminars, great places to network and find out how he stands. Dino also is from your area and may have some solid advice.
Bit piece learning for a kid this age won’t be productive, he has to get it on a path of progression if he wants to stay in it.

Don’t know my Pennsylvania geography well enough to know if any of these guys are near Pitt but there are some NPA certified folks in Penn. Look here:

Roger being a gentleman and very manly!

Roger, none of those guys are in his area. In fact, it appears that all of Western Pennsylvania is an NPA free zone.

The All American Baseball Center is in his area and one that immediately comes to mind. Hover on “About”, then drop down to “lessons” and/or “instructors”. They run alot of AAU travel teams and have indoor facilities for winter instruction. You might have to take out a home equity loan to cover the costs of consistent coaching. “That’s a joke son.”

Also hit up this website:

Bianco School of Baseball is in Canonsburg.

I’m surprised his HS or Legion coach can’t be of any help finding a reliable pitching coach. It is however true that there are way more options in Florida, California or Texas than there are around Pittsburgh unless you want to learn how to play football? And all the really worthwhile experienced pitching coaches are working with college prospects who are probably committed already. College coaches are busy in season and then recruiting, so probably not an avenue to pursue there.

If you can find somebody pitching or former pitcher in the independent league from your area, maybe an opportunity…Washington Wild Things?


More like, too lazy to Google it. :oops: